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Breast reconstruction surgery information from board certified plastic surgeon in Chicago

Breast reconstruction surgery Chicago, Illinois is normally done after a breast has been lost due to a mastectomy.  Too often, women feel this is a permanent loss of womanhood.  Breast reconstruction surgery Chicago, Illinois is not just about restoring a breast, but bringing a woman back to who she was before the mastectomy.  Breast reconstruction surgery Chicago, Illinois can restore confidence and a positive outlook. 

It is important to find a surgeon to perform breast reconstruction surgery Chicago, Illinois who has extensive experience.  The main goal of breast reconstruction surgery is to rebuild the breast so the patient looks natural with clothes on.  However, a good breast reconstruction surgeon will be able to reconstruct a breast so the breast looks close to natural in the nude. 

There are two different types of breast reconstruction surgery Chicago, Illinois: implant and tissue flap surgery.  Often, there can be a combination of the two.  A tissue flap surgery uses fat, skin, and muscle taken from another part of the body.  This can have more natural results than an implant, but there can be a longer recovery time due to removing tissue from the stomach, back, or other part of the body. 

There are also two different methods of breast reconstruction surgery Chicago, Illinois: immediate and delayed.  Immediate reconstruction is performed at the same time as a mastectomy or lumpectomy.  Delayed is performed after healing and radiation treatment are complete.  Delayed reconstruction is the most common as there are fewer complications and a mastectomy surgeon may not be a certified cosmetic surgeon. 

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Breast reconstruction Chicago, Illinois rebuilds the breast in proportion to the other breast.  If you are about to get a mastectomy, it is recommended that you discuss your future plans with a cosmetic surgeon.  In some cases, a mastectomy (removal of the entire breast) will not have to be performed.  Instead, there will only need to be a partial surgery—a lumpectomy, often referred to as conservation surgery.  It can be heartening to know how a breast will be reconstructed before a mastectomy or lumpectomy ever takes place.  In doing so, it will be necessary to have a consultation with both your mastectomy surgeon and cosmetic surgeon.


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