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Breast Lift
The breast liftoperation, also known as mastopexy, is performed to restore youthful shape and lift for breasts that have sagged as a result of weight loss, pregnancy, or simply the effects of aging and gravity. Breast droop or ptosis is corrected by repositioning the nipple and breast tissue to a higher level and removing excess skin. The procedure may be performed by itself or in combination with breast augmentation for added volume and firmness.
The type of lift is dependent on the degree of ptosis (drooping) preoperatively.

Information on Breast Lift in Chicago Illinois

There may be some confusion between breast augmentation and breast lift surgery Chicago, Illinois.  In fact, many women may neglect getting any sort of breast surgery because they think it is overly invasive.  It is important to note that there can be significant breast improvement without any sort of implant: the answer is breast lift surgery Chicago, Illinois. 

As the name implies, a breast lift works with a person’s natural breasts by raising the breast and areola to a more youthful shape.  While breast lift surgery Chicago, Illinois may be combined with implant surgery, it is not required.  The type of surgery you choose depends on your preference and what you want to achieve with the surgery.  If you want a total makeover, the lift may need to be combined with augmentation. 

Technically termed mastoplexy, breast lift Chicago, Illinois will use one or more incisions, depending on the nature of the breast.  Women with smaller breasts may need fewer incisions than women with larger breasts.  However, women with smaller breasts more often combine breast lift surgery Chicago, Illinois with an implant procedure.  Keep in mind also that breast lift surgery is available for men.  

Breast lift surgery can be performed with as many as three incisions and as few as one.  The most common incision is around the areola, lifting the nipple to a more central position on the breast.  Other incisions may be made beneath the press and/or from the base of the nipple to the bottom of the breast.  In the latter incision, excess skin may be removed.  Every breast lift surgery Chicago, Illinois is different so you will get be informed of what is required after your initial consultation. 

While breast lift surgery is less invasive than augmentation, a fair amount of recovery time will be necessary.  The breasts will be sore and the patient will likely need to wear a surgical bra—though this is not true for every surgery.  Pain is not severe and the surgery can be performed with local anesthesia on an outpatient basis.  Recovery time is usually one to two weeks.

What to expect during the breast lift recovery period

Tenderness and Discomfort are normal and easily controlled with medication.
Swelling and bruising are perfectly normal and to be expected. This will subside within 1- 2 weeks after breast lift surgery.
A post-surgical sports bra must be worn at all times for the first 2-3 weeks following surgery
Return to light activity within 2 days post-surgery or as you feel ready
You can get back to work after a week
You can get back to full physical activitity between 4 to 6 weeks post surgery
Your incisions can take up to a year to heal and look normal

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